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SPORTSMAX is Pakistan’s first dedicated sports education and facilities management company. It is equipped to manage multiple sporting facilities, value added courses and training programs. We aim to revolutionize sports in Pakistan by setting up and professionally managing training facilities, venues and events in urban and rural locations. The idea behind this venture is to take sports in Pakistan to the next level and bring them at par with international standards by introducing modern and scientific techniques to nurture Pakistani talent

Our organization provides invaluable sports industry expertise to address the specialized needs of your sports business or sports operation. We offer management consulting, sports experience, industry knowledge and operational skills for sports organizations, athletes, teams and sports businesses.

Our carefully selected coaches have met our minimum criteria and are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in their particular sport. We seek to promote and enhance the profile of our athletes, expose them to the media and promote their marketability. Our organization has in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sports governing bodies.


Sports today is more than just leisure and entertainment. It is a humongous business, enjoying unparalleled world’s attention-whether through viewership, events and media coverage or in the form of advertising, sponsorship, merchandise or publications. On-the-field athleticism is just as important as off-the-field management. Sports marketing is now emerging in Pakistan, with a large number of firms out in the field giving product endorsement contracts to celebrities.


We work with communities with multiple yet isolated sports facilities and develop a complete ecosystem by integrating the facilities and adding value through organized sports. We manage, organize and develop sports facilities and programs. We offer utilization of facilities to educational institutions, private, public, corporate sector and community members. Through organized sports, we aim to provide Pakistan sports board with a pool of potential medal winners augmenting Pakistan’s position at international competitions. We want to accomplish this by creating an unmatched atmosphere through the use of top notch equipment and grounds.


We want to enrich the lives of the community, we serve.


We plan, resource, capacitate and integrate the community, manage, implement and monitor active leisure centers (hubs), high performance programs and sports academies.


• Sports Medical & Sports Science. • Sports Technology. • Coaching. • Sports Facility Development. • Curriculum Development


“Nurture and groom the available talent into globally competitive, agile and spirited sports personalities representing the nation in most sports”.

We want to create an environment where our young talent can groom their skills, and with that provide them with a definitive pathway to play professional sports without losing valuable time required for education. This can only be achieved if we are able to organize goal oriented tournaments in affiliation with respective sports controlling bodies so that the participants get an opportunity for further induction in the system. Although we want to do this for every main stream sports but at the moment we have started with cricket


We want to revive school cricket and club cricket in Pakistan, which are the pillars of our international cricket.


It is very heart breaking to see the demise of the importance of cricket, which we love so dearly as Pakistanis. There are many causes for the decline in the popularity of this game in Pakistan, but in our opinion, the main reasons are poor planning, lack of system based selection of player at all levels and the lack of interest by the organizations to strengthen the base of our cricket, which is the school cricket and club cricket. The sudden recent rise of Bangladesh cricket team at the international level is not unexpected as it is the result of their continuous hard work and investment at their grass root for a number of years. They have been running a sports university for a number of years, a concept which is no less than a decade away from us.


We realize that the current system of cricket in Pakistan needs to be revamped if we want to achieve the desired results for our international team within next five to six years. This revamping needs to start from the base, which is the school cricket and the club cricket. By properly organizing school cricket, we will be redirecting our focus towards the base of the problem to prevent the decline of cricket at international and domestic level. All this cannot be achieved without a concerted. SPORTSMAX has dedicated itself in organizing school cricket in a professional manner, with an effort to produce future international cricket stars.

School Cricket:

Schools should be the basic nursery for not only education but sports as well. We endeavor to revive cricket in schools, by involving them in goal oriented competitive cricket competition and selecting players to represent Pakistan U-16 through a series of well organized tournaments. This will give a definitive pathway to our youth to play professional cricket without compromising on education. On the other hand it will also encourage the schools to make a structure for themselves in order to improve the skill of their cricket team, in the process benefiting a lot of kids. It will also create much needed job opportunities for ex-cricketers. Through time this will become the only platform for feeding players in our first class structure and eventually in our national cricket team. This is easier said than done, as a lot of hard work and planning is required.

Club Cricket:

We want to involve clubs in competitive cricket championship, this will for a base for the selection of talented youngsters in district teams, regional teams, departmental teams, provincial teams and eventually our national team


What have we done to reach our goal?:

We, as a company and as individuals have a vast experience in managing sports tournaments and facilities. But in order to reach our goal, we rely on conceptualizing our own proposals and after getting them approved by the relevant sports controlling bodies we execute the activity. Apart from many others, we have executed two major tournaments which are inline with the broader goal of our company. Both of these tournaments have been very successful in providing players for the U-19 teams (both regional and national).

National U-16 Schools Cricket Championship. A.H KARDAR CUP 2017

National U-16 Schools Cricket Championship was played in all the major cities of Pakistan (shown below). We have seen some remarkable unpolished talent during the course of this championship. In order to benefit Pakistan cricket in the longer run, this championship needs to be a regular feature of our cricketing calendar. We will make all reasonable efforts in our capacity to execute this championship every year


Lahore Bahawalpur Islamabad Karachi whites
Multan Peshawar Mirpur Hyderabad
Quetta Sialkot Rawalpindi Sibbi
Pishin Abbottabad Faisalabad Naseerabad
Chaman Bannu Karachi blues Larkana
Dadu Shakkar Shikarpur

Championship in numbers:

Total no. Of players who have shown participation: 10,680 (The above no. Includes 10% data loss)

Total no. Of eligible players: 8,632 (Above are the players who have passed the scrutiny process)

Total players who have received participation cards: 7,742

Total number of direct participation of schools: 331 schools.

Total number of indirect participation: 723 (including all tag schools).(Almost equal participation of private and public schools in each city. )

Total no. Of matches in stage 1: 611 (including finals of all the regions)

Total no. Of matches in stage 2: 28 (including finals of all the pools)

Total no. Of matches in stage 3: 3 (including semifinal and final of the championship)

Total no. Of tournaments: 21 (A total of 21 finals were played within the championship)

We are very proud to say that no other championship of this magnitude has ever been executed in the history of Pakistan cricket.

LRCA-Commissioner Cup 2015

Our first school tournament was executed in 2015. For the purpose we involved Lahore Regional Cricket Association and Commissioner Lahore, which is why the tournament was named “LRCA-Commissioner Cup”. It is necessary to involve relevant sports governing bodies so that the talent can get an opportunity to play professional tournaments, preceded by this. 20 school systems were invited to participate, 10 public schools and 10 private schools. All the renowned school chains were made a part of it. Final match of this tournament was played in Qaddafi stadium Lahore and was shown live on PTV sports.

Results of our efforts:

In a short span of 2 years we have already given tangible results. 10 players represented Lahore U-19 in 2015, out of which 3 went onto play U-19 Asia cup and 1 has been recently selected to play U-19 world cup of 2017, being played in New Zealand. From our recent championship, 47 players have been selected to represent their respective cities. In time, many of them will convert in playing mainstream professional cricket for Pakistan.

Active Clients:

Organization Contact Person Designation
Meiji Group Mr. Uzair Saboor Director
Harvest Group Mr. Hussain Gulraiz Director
Wi-tribe Mr. Zeeshan Naveed Manager
Fabrica Fashion Mr. Hafiz Rashid Mehmood Director
AA Spinning Mr. Asim Yasin C.E.O
Embroidery House Mr. Arif C.E.O
Shapes Health Studio Mr. Kh Nadeem Ahmad C.E.O
Golden Pearl Mr. Abdul Rasheed C.E.O
Lahore Qalandars Mr. Aqib Javed Director
Pakistan Cricket Board Mr. Aizad Sayid DGD
Lahore Government Mr. Abdullah Khan Sumbal Commissioner Lahore
Ufone Mr. Khurram Zarrar Regional head
Multan Government Capt (R) Asadullah Khan Commissioner Multan
Bahawalpur Government Mr. Rana Muhammd Saleem Afzal Dy Commissioner Bahawalpur
Islamabad Government Mr. Tariq Fazal Chaudry Minister of CAD, Islamabad
AJK Government Ch. Muhammad Saeed Minister of Sports, AJK
Rawalpindi Government Mr. Tallat Mehmood Gondal Dy Commissioner Rawalpindi
Sialkot Government Dr. Asif Tufail Dy Commissioner Sialkot
Faisalabad Government Mr. Salman Ghani Dy Commissioner Faisalabad
Peshawar Government Mr. Arbab Muhammad Asim Khan District Nazim, Peshawar
Hyderabad Government Mr. Mohtashim Abbasi Dy Commissioner Hyderabad
Karachi Government Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Khan Katchi Commissioner Karachi
Bahawalpur Region Mr. Tariq Sarwar Regional President
Multan Region Mr. Tariq Sohail Regional President
Sialkot Region Mr. Imran Tony District President
AJK Region Mir Usman Regional President
Rawalpindi Region Maj (R) Gillani Regional President
Islamabad Region Mr. Shakeel Shaikh Regional President
Peshawar Region Mr. Gul Zada Regional President
Abbottabad Region Mr. Zahid Saeed Regional President
Karachi Region Prof. Ijaz Farooqui Regional President
Hyderabad Region Mir Talpur Regional President
Quetta Region Mr. Murad Ismail Regional President

Media alliance:

For effective media coverage of our activities, we work with the following media groups:

Print Media The News Dawn Nation Samma Waqt Naye Baat Dunya
Print Media Express Jinnah Pakistan Jahaan Pakistan Khabarain Nawa-i-waqt Aflaaq
Electronic Media PTV Sports City 42 Kohinoor TV Lahore News Punjab TV

Value Additions / Special Expertise

Services Remarks
Athlete Management "We can provide top athletes of Pakistan for commercials brand ambassadors dinners etc"
Sports facility management We can effectively manage and run your sports facility.
Sports team management We can help you build and manage a sports team. Also we can plan your team to enter in different competitions within Pakistan and abroad.
Sports event management "We can manage your sports events. Also we will pitch you other sports events for sponsorship which we are organizing."
Sports Goods We can source the best sports goods available in Pakistan and abroad.
Shirts and T-shirts We can provide good quality shirts and T-shirts.

Management team of SportsMax:

Department Name Designation City
Chairman Lt. Gen Ž Tauqir Zia Chairman Lahore
Chairman Lahore Kh. Nadeem Ahmad Chairman Lahore Lahore
Management Mr. Junaid Bin Tauqir Zia C.E.O Lahore
Finance Mr. Tallal Bin Tauqir Zia C.F.O Lahore
Marketing and Sales Mr. Ahsan Director Lahore
Designer Mrs. Hina Junaid Zia Director Lahore
Media & Production Mr. Shahroz Janjua Manager Lahore
Operations Mr. Suleman Khan Manager Lahore
Grounds Mr. Umer Javed Manager Lahore
Operations Mr. Bilal Khilji Manager Lahore
IT Mr. Ahmed Tariq Junior Manager Lahore
Web development Mr. Agha Hassan Junior Manager Lahore
IT Mr. Adnan Mehmood Junior Manager Lahore
Operations Dr. Sohail Head of Operations Peshawar
Operations Mr. Attique Sheikh Head of Operations Islamabad
Operations Mr. Nawab Alam Manager Islamabad
Operations Mr. Alamgir Ahmed Head of Operations Karachi
Operations Mr. Amjad Islam Rishi Manager Karachi
Operations Mr. Rahat Ali Shah Manager Karachi
Operations Mr. Shahid Nawab Manager Karachi
Operations Ms. Aliya Star Manager Mirpur
Operations Mr. Kaleem Farooqui Manager Multan
Operations Mr. Ali kamran Manager Sialkot
Operations Mr. Kamran Hussain Head of Operations Bahawalpur
Operations Mr. Faisal Ather Manager Hyderabad
Operations Mr.Sayed Hussain Shah Head of Operations Hyderabad
Operations Mr. Rehan Riaz Manager Hyderabad
Operations Mr. Fida Hussain Manager Abbottabad
Operations Mr. Mohammad Salman Head of Operations Faisalabad
Operations Mr. Naseem khan Manager Bannu
Operations Mr. Shakir Khan Manager Bannu
Operations Mr. Khudabux Manager Sibbi
Operations Mr. Zahoor Hussain Manager Naseerabad
Operations Mr. Shoaib khan Head of Operations Quetta
Operations Mr. Attique Ahmed Manager Larkana


Testimonials from different organizations are available, if required. Primary aim of SPORTSMAX is to revive school cricket and club cricket in Pakistan, but company also focuses on sports activities other than the primary aim, specifically designed to cater the need of that particular segment. SportsMax is the only sports management company working in collaboration with Pakistan Cricket Board to manage cricket in Pakistan.